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PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited is the Trusty Market, Social & Business Research Companies in Bangladesh.

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What PRITI Think about Clients’ Expectations

PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited always emphasis on the clients’ expectations & demands. PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited is always committed for delivering a fruitful research output & valid data to the clients....

PRITI’s Thought on Sustainable Branding

PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited always thinks on the clients’ expectations from a research output. We believe that reaching to the mass people is the key factor for establishing a brand But...

Inaugurating the Community Branding

PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited is inaugurating the new ways of branding of the products. Community Branding, the new era for product branding to the end-level consumers directly.

Background of PRITI

About us

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PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited is a Market, Social & Corporate Research & Consultancy firm situated at Kazipara, Mirpur in Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh. PRITI is the abbreviation of Participatory Research & Innovative Technical Initiatives. Market, Social & Business Research Companies in Bnagladesh.

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Analysis & Social, Market Research
Business,Health & Medical Trade Research

PRITI is a result of combined efforts where young energetic, highly experienced and national leading sector specialists are engaged. PRITI follows the PARTICIPATORY METHODS for conducting all types of research works where both parties (PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited & The Clients) work together for data reliability, validity, authenticity & overall better results. PRITI has several types of research products & consulting service items for corporate house, product manufacturers, importers, traders, and distributors as well as the service base companies such as National & International NGOs, Donor Agencies, Development Partners, International aids, Govt. Agencies and many more. PRITI believes that any types of research findings can change your vision/future. Market Social & Business Research Health and Medical Companies in Bangladesh.

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5P Ethics Maintained by PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited

PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited conduct all projects with the direct participation of the Client & Research Partner. If the client/Research Partner unable to be engaged with the project physically then PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited engage them virtually through zoom meeting, What’s app/Facebook messenger group. We open separate messaging group for each project with all stakeholders of the project. The Client/Research Partners are also included in the group so that they can be updated about the project directly. The FW staffs update their daily activities in the group so that all stakeholders can be updated automatically. The FW experiences, Respondents Photo & other documents are uploaded in the group.

Market Social & Business Research Health and Medical Companies in Bangladesh.

PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited apply different research methods & tools for every project as per the objectives of the research.

PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited emphasis highly on each project separately. PRITI is very careful for it’s every project. The main goal of PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited is to gain 100% objectives of the project.

PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited confident to complete all projects successfully.  PRITI is very careful for applying the quantitative & qualitative methods & tools. PRITI always emphasis on the project strategically for achieving the project goal.

PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited maintain the honesty for conducting all project. PRITI follows the business & research ethics for delivering the best service to the client. PRITI is very careful for their all staffs as well as their partners.

Priti- Managing Director & Lead Consultant

Naemur Rahman

Managing Director & Lead Consultant
PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited.
Contract: +88 01711-787297 (Direct Call)
+88 01713-222 363 (Mobile & WhatsApp)
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"We are Experienced & Capable to Meet Your Research Requirements"

Quality -

  • - To cooperate the business groups, national and multi-national companies, development agencies & entrepreneurs to explore the existing scenario of their relevant fields in the decision making process or in the implementation initiatives.
  • - Try to make understand the clients about consumers/beneficiaries behaviors, needs, requirements and feedback on their specific products/services
  • - Try to reduce the distances between the product manufacturers/importers & end-level consumer. 
  • - Try to change our honorable clients’ business strategies, decision making process, way of success & their current position in the market by applying methods, tools & techniques of corporate anthropological research.
  • - Pointing the weakness of companies, demand of consumers & business strategies of mid-term beneficiaries through research
  • - Try to connect all types of stakeholders in a chain management system for development of any business/project/program
  • - To spread the application of Business and corporate anthropological research in Bangladesh.
  • - Creating  an observation point of consumers culture
  • - Trying to create a global standard research platform

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Top Market Social & Business Research Companies in Bangladesh.

Our Strength

PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited

Capabilities of Geographical Coverage

PRITI has capacity to the study with nation-wide sample size. PRITI has zonal coordinator for field operation in each & every divisional cities & important district towns.  The zonal coordinators are directly connected with field operation wings. For any a nation-wide study, the zonal coordinators & field supervisors are invited to Dhaka for a central briefing. The coordinators & supervisors brief the field enumerators as their concern rezones. The responsible persons of PRITI attends at the local briefing session. The side map & its       sign      shows the PRITI strength of Geographical Coverage.  across the country.

Top Market Social & Business Research Companies in Bangladesh.

Top Market Social & Business Research Companies in Bangladesh.

Health and Medical Trade
  • Nation Wide Network for Data Collection
  • Capacity to cover
    • 8 Divisions
    • 64 Districts
    • 492 Upazila
    • 4562 Union
    • 86000+ village
  • Online & Offline Data Collection Platform
  • Data Collection Through CAPI, PAPI, CATI & Social Networks
  • Capacity to Conduct Telephonic Survey
  • Following Anthropological Methods for Qualitative Research
  • Multi-Stage Data Analysis Using SPSS, STATA & MS Excel
  • Live Monitoring during FW Execution Creating FB Messenger/WhatsApp Group
  • 100% Transparency on Project Management
  • Engage the Clients in the Project Execution
  • Deliver 100% Reliable & Valid Data
  • Unique Quality Control Mechanism Top Market Social & Business Research Companies in Bangladesh.

Market Social & Business Research Health and Medical Companies in Bangladesh.

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