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Inaugurating the Community Branding

Bangladesh market research 2021

PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited is inaugurating the new ways of branding of the products. Community Branding, the new era for product branding to the end-level consumers directly. This method is a part of Below the Line (BTL) branding. The Community refers to those target people who are living in a common unity. This Community has no physical boarder but they are bounded with the Socio-Cultural & Products Buying Behavior. These common unities gather the consumers under a big umbrella which is introduced as Community. 

Consumer Culture, their Purchase Behavior, Purchase Capacity, Brand awareness, Brand Loyalty, Past Record, Consumer Media Habit, Their Social Norms, Values, Religious Factors etc. Key points are analyzed to define a Community & recommend the way for branding to the specific Community.

Bangladesh market research 2021

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