Market Insights on Tiles & Ceramics Industries in Bangladesh

Market Study on Tiles & Ceramics Industries in Bangladesh-2018

Ceramics industry is one of the export oriented first growing sectors in Bangladesh. These industries are playing a vital role in national economy. These industries are earning foreign currencies by exporting their products after meeting the local demand. The local ceramic industries are meeting above 85% of local demand of different ceramic products like wall & floor tiles, sanitary wares & porcelain tableware products. The domestic market for ceramic products, including tableware, tiles and sanitary ware, is worth about Tk 6,000 crore annually. According to BCMEA, Bangladesh exported ceramic products worth Tk. 585 crore last year.

The industry started during the late 1950s when the first ceramic industrial plants were established. The industry mainly produces tableware, sanitary ware and tiles. Currently, there were 66 ceramic industrial units throughout Bangladesh, employing about 500,000 people including 55,000 direct employees and those from the backward-linkage industries.

Bengal Fine Ceramics Ltd, the first Bangladeshi stoneware manufacturer, began its operations in 1986. One of the largest ceramic manufacturers in Bangladesh, Monno Ceramics, was established in 1985 to produce porcelain tableware with other ceramic items later. Shinepukur Ceramics was established in 1997 for the production of bone china and porcelain tableware. Shinepukur later captured around 60% of the domestic market. Ceramic manufacturer’s import almost all of their raw material. China, India, New Zealand and Germany are the main sources of the raw materials.

The ceramics industry sector has also attracted foreign investment. The investments have mainly been from China and the Middle East states. Some of the major joint venture partners are RAK Ceramics, Fu-Wang and China-Bangla of which the largest is RAK of the UAE, and who have about 80% of the domestic sanitary ware market.

Currently Ceramic products have been exported to more than 45 countries. The largest export destinations are the United States, Italy, Spain, France, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Australia and Sweden. China and Thailand are among the major competitors in the international market for Bangladeshi ceramic manufacturers. However, the low labor costs of the local manufacturers have put Bangladesh in a strong position.

After a long journey, Bangladesh Ceramics industries have become matured where annual production capacity has been increased rapidly. Now there are about 60 manufacturing companies in Bangladesh who are producing wall & floor tiles, sanitary-ware & porcelain tableware products. Moreover, there are many importers who are distributing the ceramics products (wall & floor tiles, sanitary-ware & porcelain tableware) nationwide.

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    Data Source: Market Study on Tiles & Ceramics Industries in Bangladesh-2018

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