PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited

Research Methodologies

PRITI Consultancy Services uses the proper methodologies for each study

Our Service

Market Research

  • Qualitative Research Approach
  • Quantitative Research Approach
  • Documents review
  • Online Study
  • Over Phone Survey

Corporate Consultancy

  • Documents Review
  • Group Discussion
  • Individual Discussion
  • Service Monitoring
  • Training
  • Gossiping & Sharing
Real Estate & Housing

Social & Development Research

  • Qualitative Research Approach
  • Quantitative Research Approach
  • Document Review Approach

Research Tools & Techniques

Market, Social & Development Research

Quantitative Approach

  • Face to Face (F2F) Interview [CAPI/PAPI]
  • Telephonic Interview [CATI]
  • Video Call Interview [CATI]
  • E-mail Interview [WAPI]
  • Social media Interview [WAPI]

Quantitative Approach

  • In Depth Interview (IDI) [Face to Face or CATI]
  • Key information interview (KII) [Face to Face or CATI]
  • Focused group Discussion [FGD]
  • Case Study
  • Participant Observation
  • Customer journey Mapping [CJM]

Documentation Approach

  • Relevant Literature Review
  • Analysis of secondary/Existing data
  • Co-Relating secondary data with primary data

Application Approach

  • Campaign directly
  • Delivery method
  • Awareness buildup program
  • HH & out let visit
  • Direct call method

Service Monitoring

  • Documents Review
  • Close Observation
  • Group Discussion
  • Depth Discussion
  • Service Monitoring
  • Employee Case Study
  • Employee Journey Mapping
  • Employee Feedback Acceptance
  • Track Record Analysis
  • Training & Briefing

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Power & Energy


PRITI maintains

Field Operation

PRITI maintains the quality control mechanism as a standard manner but strictly for every sectors. At the field operation level, the co-team leader will be engaged contracted with every persons of the field staff. The field operation (both of quantitative & qualitative data collection) will be conducted by the direct supervision of Co-team Leader. The Field Operation Coordinator, Quality Controller, Field Supervisor & Enumerators will be connected with the co-team leader directly. The Team leader & co-team leader also will be connected with the field force during operation period. The team leader & co-team leader will visit the field & conduct qualitative interviews as well. The respondents’ visiting cards (if there is any) are collected during interview conduction for respondent’s accuracy. The quality control mechanism of field operation for this study will be as side diagram;

Climate Change

PRITI Post Data

Post Data Collection works

After completion of the field operation, there are a lot of works as post-data collection works. Basically, at this stage the collected data is checked, back-checked by visiting physically & over phone and coding here. The data reliability & validity is also checked here by the direction of team leader & co-team leader. From this section, the collected data has been ready for entry. The quality control mechanism of this part is presented through following diagram;

Business Research Consultant firm

Output Generation

Basically, this part is completed by the key responsible persons of the project. The team leader & co-team leader will be responsible for generating the output of this study. The team leader & Co-team leader will analyze the data after completing data entry. Update version of SPSS/MS Excel will be used for data analysis. The co-team leader will design presentation & draft report with the concern time frame. The research output generating will be as following diagram;

IT & E-commerce

Capabilities of Geographical Coverage

PRITI has capacity to the study with nation-wide sample size. PRITI has zonal coordinator for field operation in each & every divisional cities & important district towns. The zonal coordinators are directly connected with field operation wings. For any a nation-wide study, the zonal coordinators & field supervisors are invited to Dhaka for a central briefing. The coordinators & supervisors brief the field enumerators as their concern rezones. The responsible persons of PRITI attends at the local briefing session. The side map & its sign shows the PRITI strength of Geographical Coverage across Bangladesh as well as Asia Pacific & Africa.